One thing the 10-6 CLIC likes to focus on is providing small comforts for the homeless and we do that with your help!  We currently have two projects active.  The first is homeless care kits; we put these together and personally pass them out to homeless people while on tours.  The second is "Hoodies for the homeless," where we use profits from our merchandise sales to cover the costs of our own 10-6 CLIC hoodies and then give these hoodies to the homeless.  We do not use any second parties to deliver these goods, so everything is done personally by the artists and crew of 10-6 CLIC.  With no middle-man, this insures 100% of these intended products are going to the homeless and not funding other intentions.

Each "Care Kit" for the homeless consists of:  Toothpaste, tooth brush, deodorant, shaving cream, shaving razor,shampoo, metal spoon & fork, food, water, beanie, gloves, socks, blanket, and feminine products.  (Average cost of $25/kit)

If you would like to find out more information about these projects, please feel free to call/text (224) 321-4099

Feel free to make a donation, but please keep in mind that we decide which of these projects/items is needed most at that time and where your donation's funds will go.  Also be advised, we are NOT a non-profitable organizations.   We are a business based on music with intention to make profit through music and music related opportunities.  Although your donation is greatly appreciated, we can also not guarantee you proof of where your donation was used.  We respect the privacy of the people receiving these items and cannot provide evidence such as photos.  Please understand that in most cases, this is a sensitive situation for the person and asking for a photo in return can be embarrassing for the individual, and that is not our intention. 

We can only promise you 100% of your donation will go towards these project, but we ask that you do not make a donation if you do not trust this site, business, or campaign.   

Thank you!!!